Heather Jones


Heather qualified as an Accountant in 1964.  Next she worked for National Cash Register Co. for 1 year in their Computer Division in York St Sydney.  Following that she spent 2 years in the Women’s Royal Australian Air Force. When she completed her service in the WRAAF, she moved back to NCR and worked for them for 10 years in various states of Australia performing various programming duties.

She married and had two children.  She was divorced after 5 years and, being left to bring up two children alone, decided that Teaching adults was a way that could provide for the children and she could still be there for them.  She also had her own Accounting Practice that she could manage from her own home, so she acquired a Bachelor of Teaching (AVE), and proceeded to work for TAFE and private Colleges in the Gosford and Newcastle areas.

During her time teaching, she taught such subjects as Computing, Accounting, Computer Accounting and Business Administration Subjects. She retired when she was 65 and moved to Tamworth to be near her family.

Her interests now are Croquet, Craft, U3A both online and Tamworth, and playing cards (Solo, 500 and Cribbage). Heather joined the committee in 2014.