John Mitchell


In the past John has been involved with many clubs in administration positions. While in New Zealand for close to 50 years he was:

NZ Representative of the Captain Cook Society (still a member in Australia).
On Regional Finance committee of the NZ Historic Places Trust
A member of the NZ Royal Society
A member of the NZ Professional Historians Society
Member of the NZ Institute of Management

His working life has been split between Accounting and IT management positions, sometimes including both.
He moved to Australia 15 years ago with his wife and worked full time as an accountant for a group of small companies until retirement.

On a more personal level his parents emigrated to Australia from England in the 1950s living in Nowra, NSW for one year and Melbourne for approximately 4 years. He attended his first year of High School in Victoria. His parents then decided to move to New Zealand and there he remained until 15 years ago. He has two sons in Australia (moved there before he did!) and one in Auckland plus his wife has an adult son and daughter in Christchurch, NZ. We have six grandchildren.

His interests are many but mainly history, computers, geology and photography and also forever learning!

John is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland