Monash University research on 'proxy' internet user

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I am working on a small research project funded by ACCAN (Australian Communications Consumer Action Network).

> Do you know anyone who does not use the internet?

> Do you help them out by using the internet on their behalf?

> If so … could you help us by completing a brief survey on your experiences?

Some adults don't ever use the internet directly. Instead they rely on informal ‘proxy’ users - i.e. other people that go online on their behalf.

Monash University is conducting a research project that aims to develop a better understanding of this form of internet use … and how those who help out might be better supported.

We would like to invite all U3A Online members (and supporters) who help another person by being a 'proxy' internet user to complete a short survey about their experiences.

It might be that you sometimes use the internet on behalf of your husband/wife, an older relative, friend or neighbour. In all instances we would be interested in hearing from you.

The link to the survey is:

Thank you,
Neil Selwyn
Faculty of Education - Monash University