Our Courses

Our Courses

The courses are presented as text with graphics.  A PDF version is available for each course so that it can be downloaded and saved.  The PDF link is on the right hand top corner of eace unit. The courses are compatible with screen readers for those with vision impairment.

Our courses are basic information on the topics, with links to other websites for those who would like more information.  There are no exams, assignments or tests and no certificates or qualifications to be achieved.  It is simply for the joy of learning and aimed at those who would like to keep their minds active.  

The courses generally consist of 8 to 10 units which can be worked through at the member’s own pace and at any time.  There are suggested activities included but these are entirely voluntary.


U3A Online has two methods for studying the courses as an Individual member:

Independent Study -- from the time your membership payment is received and your membership is activated you have free access to all the courses as Independent Study and can enrol in them and access them for as long as you are a financial member. There is a Course Discussion Forum available but whether it is accessed depends entirely on the members who are enrolled.

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With a Course Leader --- there is an additional cost of $5 for these courses. There is a starting date for the course and each week for the next 8 weeks (or for the number of units/topics in the course) a new topic is released. You work through the topic at your own leisure throughout each week (no actual 'meeting' times) and chat to other participants and the course leader through the online Course Discussion Forum. Use of the Course Discussion Forum is encouraged/expected by the Course Leader. After the last topic is released the course notes and discussion remain available until the end date listed for the course and then access is denied.  Courses with a Leader are only available when we have a volunteer to lead a course in their area of expertise.

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Both options use the same course notes and you are able to download and print the notes for future reference.