Payment Methods

All payments are in Australian dollars.

Payment by Credit card is the only viable means of payment for people without an Australian bank account or making a payment while overseas

PayPal icon If paying online with a credit card you will follow the prompts to the PayPal site. If you have a PayPal account you can login or, if not, click on the link, under the log in box, to bring up the form to fill in to submit your payment.
Mail Image If paying by post  within Australia, you will get the required postal details to allow you to post a cheque or money order.
Bank Icon

If paying by Bank Deposit you will get the U3A Online bank details and can then make your payment by using your Internet banking or your local bank branch to make a transfer directly to the U3A Online account.

The best way to make the bank transfer payment is to go to your own bank --- either Internet banking or to your branch --- and fill out a transfer form to transfer the money from your account to the U3A Online account for which you have the details.
In this way you are able to identify yourself in the reference section which allows us to know who has made the payment.

We have many people who are making payments by bank deposit but if they just deposit the money in the U3A Online bank account we have no idea which of the people has made the payment ---- and the bank will not tell us for privacy reasons.

By doing a transfer from your bank you put your name as the reference and then when we see the payment in the account we know to whom to apply it.

NB.  Please note that bank transfers may take 1 to 3 days to reach our account. You will then receive an email to acknowledeg that and directions on how to enrol in a course.