Site Licences

If your Organisation/U3A wishes to use the U3A Online course notes as the basis for face to face classes then the U3A needs to join as an Organisation Member ($A15/yr).

This then entitles them to purchase site licences ($A20/course) for any courses they want to run within their Organisation/U3A --- which effectively means gain access to the course/s. This will allow the Organisation/U3A (which will have its own Username and Password) to enrol in the course/s which will allow them to access and download the course notes. These can then be printed and as many copies made as are needed for the face to face class. More than one class can be run with the same notes throughout the membership period.

As an alternative to the notes being printed for everyone the Organisation/U3A can allow its members to have access to the course via the U3A log in information but this will only apply to the courses that the Organisation/U3A has a site licence to.

This effectively means that for the small cost of $A20 the course can be shared among as many of your Organisation/U3A Members as you wish, as a course within the Organisation/U3A.