Tom Holloway

Committee Member

Tom is based in Oxford, UK

Tom Holloway worked for IBM for 25 years, during which he set up several early (1973) email networks for the Insurance and Oil industries and was also on the development team of IBM's first email product (Text Routing System, 1975).

After some years in Marketing and IBM's internal Education departments (during which he was responsible for developing and teaching wide-area-network technology) in 1986 he was assigned for two years to the UK National Council for Educational Technology, looking at access for children with special needs and also started the 'Chatback Project' for communications-impaired children. He later set up the IBM-UK Support Centre for People with Disabilities.

Soon after retiring in 1990 he moved to Hyderabad in India, where he spent 8 months of the year setting up a school in a slum community and making fund-raising videos for charities, and the other 4 months in Oxford, England. He has now retired (for the second time) and lives in OXFORD.

He continues to maintain several of the U3A websites he set up (including the U3A Alliance Australia site) and mentors students in India and China via the ZOOM teleconferencing software.