Write to Good Effect

Third Age Trust

Course Tutor: Brenda Thornton

A student once fixed me with a determined eye and said: 'I want to write like George Orwell.' It sounded as if he expected me to turn him into a literary genius at the stroke of a pen - impossible of course. What he meant was, he wanted his writing to be effective, wanted to get his argument across persuasively. And this is the achievable aim of this course.

The course content is designed to cater for those who have already developed the skills needed to take part in writing projects such as fund-raising, bringing an issue of topical interest to the public's notice, or completing writing assignments set in a course of academic study. Others may simply want to achieve a high standard in written communication simply for their own satisfaction. Whatever the motive, the workshops will enable you to write in a contemporary style, on a range of topics, and in a variety of formats. They give you the opportunity to discover just how stimulating and enjoyable polishing up your writing skills can be.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • get started and think clearly
  • know why you want to focus on a particular aspect
  • know your audience
  • know how to prioritise the points you want to make
  • build up argument in stages
  • exploit personal experience to draw in your audience
  • write in a style appropriate to the situation
  • edit and review your work

Then there is the added bonus - the range of units is a useful guide for reference to keep on file.

Finally, while there is no guarantee you will have become an equal to George Orwell, your writing will have become pleasingly, satisfactorily effective.