Course Summary

Continents on the Move

Week 1 - What Determined The Shape And Location Of Continents?

This unit examines the location and shape of the world’s continents and how early scientists contributed to our understanding of the geological age of earth and why the continents exist where they are today.

Week 2 - What Is The Theory Of Plate Tectonics?

The Earth's surface consists of a series of crustal plates which move and interact with each other at their boundaries.  This interaction results in the forces of nature which are responsible for earthquake, volcano and tsunami activity.

Week 3 - Why Is Our Terra Not So Firma?

Earthquakes are one of the most severe of the world's natural disasters and throughout human history have been the cause of death for millions of people.  This unit is a study of the distribution, causes and effects of the world's earthquakes.

Week 4 - Why Does Australia Shake And Rattle?

From time to time an earthquake will take place somewhere in Australia.  Australia is not on a plate boundary so where do these earthquakes occur and what causes them?

Week 5 - What Is A Tsunami?

Giant waves, called tsunamis, cause death and destruction in the Pacific Basin and other parts of the world.  What is the nature and formation of these giant waves?

Week 6 - What Are The Mountains Of Fire?

Volcanic eruptions have caused death and destruction for countless centuries and continue to do so. Why do some parts of the world experience more of these destructive forces of nature than others?

Week 7 - What Are Hotspots?

Although volcanic activity is usually associated with plate boundaries some volcanoes are active in plate interiors far removed from plate boundaries. The source areas for such volcanic activity are called hotspots.

Week 8 - Can People Live Safely In Areas Of Natural Hazards?

Natural hazards are a threat to millions of people worldwide - can scientists predict the occurrence of such hazards or make it safe for people who live with the ongoing threat of volcanic eruption, earthquake or tsunami?