Course Summary

Writing for Pleasure

Unit 1 - Planning A Story

Introduction, notes about writing, the short story, working up a plot, point of view, planning a story. Activity: A story plan.

Unit 2 - Planning, Characters, Dialogue

Planning, characters, dialogue. Activity: Write the same short incident: in third person, without dialogue, then again in third person but include dialogue.

Unit 3 - Beginnings, Endings And Flashbacks

Beginnings, flashbacks, endings, descriptions, making words work. Activity: Write a story 700-1,000 words using the questions to assess your work. Topics are suggested.

Unit 4 - Evaluation

Evaluating your work, notes, diaries and letters, using your imagination. Times and settings. Activity: Write an incident in about 500 words, fiction or autobiography but make it larger than life.

Unit 5 - Premise

Premise, improving what I write (various topics and examples). Activity: Write an opening paragraph on three topics. Write to grab your reader's interest.

Unit 6 - Styles Of Writing

Styles of writing, example of draft and story. Activity: A story 500-1,000 words. Pick a familiar topic (like a hobby) and write a well planned piece.

Unit 7 - Another Look At Research

Research, starting points, questions about writing with examples, Australian writing (this is not how to be an ‘Occa’.) Activity: Write about where you live. Try to include dialogue and, maybe, humour.

Unit 8 - Expanding Our Writing Skills

Ideas, themes, body language, conclusion. Activity: Could you write another story and put it on the Discussion Board. You choose a topic.