Course Summary

Design in Your Life

Unit 1 - Design For All

Universality and Accessibility- To look critically at some modern design concepts, including age issues.- To consider accessibility and appeal for the whole community, including older people.

Unit 2 - Design In Your Home

Functionality and Visual Appeal- To look at some examples of Universal Design.- To look at the functionality of the items in your home with a critical eye. Is the object well designed for its purpose? Is it safe to use?

Unit 3 - Where You Live

Environmentally friendly and user-friendly design. - To consider the built environment and architectural design. - To look at ecological and user-friendly design.

Unit 4 - Your Supermarket

Psychologically manipulative and innovative design- To look at the psychology underlying design.- To consider some innovative designs.

Unit 5 - Packaging

The aesthetic principle and sales appeal- To consider an area of design where user forums have made a difference.- To look at decoration and sales appeal: the aesthetic principle.

Unit 6 - Graphic Design

Design conveying information and directions- To consider graphic design conveying information, visual appeal and new ideas.- To assess the impact of print, drawings and diagrams on our lives.

Unit 7 - New Technology

Design in new technology- To look at aspects of design in new technology, especially in products designed with older people in mind.- To look critically at some of the new designs now on the market.

Unit 8 - Your Own Project

The culmination of your study is the creation of your own design. You choose the project you will undertake and prepare your design taking into account all you have learned during your study of this course.