Course Summary

Maintaining Independence

Unit 1 Taking Positive Action

In this first unit we will be looking at some of your rights, the concept of self-advocacy and how your mental health can affect your physical wellbeing.

Unit 2 Health, Your First Line Of Defence

In this unit we look at the importance of good nutrition and keeping physically active. We shall then consider the need to have a good doctor, someone you can talk to, and falls prevention.

Unit 3 Making Life Safer At Home

This unit is about kitchen and bathroom safety, gadgets and gizmos that can make life easier and the use of emergency alarms

Unit 4 Safety Outside The Home

Here we look at the effects of crime on older people, safety on the street, safe banking and the safe use of public transport.

Unit 5 In The Know

In this unit we give information on some of the services now available for older people and people who need help, and what they do. We also mention legal matters such as guardianship and enduring and medical powers of attorney.

Unit 6 Coping With A Changing Lifestyle

In this unit we will be looking at coping positively with the changes ageing and retirement brings into our lives. We will refer to changing housing needs, making action plans, coping with grief and loss, preventing isolation and avoiding depression.