Course Summary

Human Biology

Unit 1 - Where Did We Come From?

The development of life on Earth and significant milestones in the development of vertebrates.

Unit 2 - Food

We are what we eat.

Unit 3 - Health

How can we best help our bodies defend themselves against disease?

Unit 4 - The Inner Workings Of The Body

The body's unconscious regulators.

Unit 5 - Stress

Can we control the biological, environmental and social factors which could lead to physical and mental breakdown?

Unit 6 - Inheritance, Genes And Stem Cells

The complex issues of DNA and what can go wrong.

Unit 7 - The Mind And Mental Health

Some common mental disorders are described in detail and a classification of mental disorders is given.

Unit 8 - Muscles, Joints, Movements And Locomotion

This unit explores how we move and manipulate so successfully.