Course Summary

Skills for Using the Media

Almost without exception not-for-profit organizations must use the media to achieve their objectives.  There are ways of doing this that are more effective than others.

This course is intended for people who are currently – or who expect to be – the member of a committee or board responsible for promoting the services and activities of an organization. The course sets out to introduce participants to the skills required to write public relations scripts for all media.

Most of the lessons can be attempted by anyone who can create a digital document and send an email. The lessons on the electronic media, however, require access to a microphone and video facility, e.g. a cheap digital camera or mobile phone with 30 seconds of video. Most children aged 10 or older can teach you how to use this equipment to make a simple MP3 audio files and video clips!

Unit 1 - Basic Principles of Public Relations

Unit 2 - Writing news items and press releases for newspapers and magazines.

Unit 3 - Writing feature articles and advertorials for newspapers and magazines

Unit 4 - Writing the text of a Web page

Unit 5 - Writing for Radio

Unit 6 - Writing for the Internet

Unit 7 - Writing for the Spoken Word

Unit 8 - Writing Minutes and Reports

Unit 9 - Writing Advertising Copy