Course Summary

A B (Banjo) Paterson - A study of his works, life and times

Unit 1

A B (Banjo) Paterson (1864-1941) was perhaps Australia's best loved bush poet.  In this unit you will read his biography and some of his poems set in the context of his time - the move towards Federation.

Unit 2

In this unit you will read some of the many poems Paterson wrote about life in the Australian bush and what is referred to as the "outback".  It will also look at the ballad as a poetic form.

Unit 3

This unit studies some of the poems Paterson wrote about life in Australian towns and his experiences as a war correspondent which inspired  a group of poems describing his attitude to war.

Unit 4

In this unit you will study some of Paterson's poems which were inspired by his love of sport.  You will also read some of his most famous bush ballads.

Unit 5

Here we will cover the controversial Bulletin debate between Paterson and Lawson known as 'In Defense of the Bush'.

Unit 6

In the final unit you will look at a selection of contemporary Australian poets and their work.  How do they compare with their earlier counterparts such as Paterson and Lawson?