Course Summary

Photography - Improving Your Camera Skills

Unit 1

This unit looks at the early days of digital imaging and how the transition from film to digital cameras was made.

Unit 2

In this unit we learn about the sensitivity of a camera's image sensor, its good points as well as the bad. The significance of the ISO sensitivity rating is explained and how it compares with the ASA rating used for film. The effect of 'noise' is discussed, including techniques for reducing it.

Unit 3

This unit explains the the effects of changing aperture and shutter speed, and how they can be used to enhance your images.

Unit 4

In this unit we look at taking the camera off auto-focus and instead using manual focusing techniques, and find out the reasons why we might want or need to do this. We also look at some composition rules that can be employed to assist in capturing nicely balanced and interesting photographs.

Unit 5

There will be occasions when it is necessary to use supplementary lighting on a subject and this unit looks at the options. Different means of supporting a camera when used at low shutter, and activating it remotely are explained.

Unit 6

Good file organisation is an important aspect of digital photography. This unit looks at ways of downloading files onto a computer, naming and arranging them in a logical manner and then storing or archiving them for future reference.

Unit 7

Almost invariably, some photos will need improvements, even minor ones, to remove defects, etc. and enhance the images. In this unit different types of editing software are considered.

Unit 8

The recent introduction of tablets and smart phones equipped with cameras has added a new dimension to 'snap-and-shoot' photography. Their good points and bad points are discussed.

Unit 9

This unit looks at activities that can be followed to gain more experience and employ new-found photography skills, including joining clubs and creating websites for displaying photographs. Some tips are also provided for consideration if purchasing a new camera.

Unit 10

A brief recap to emphasize the main aspects of this course.