Course Summary

The Romans

Unit 1 - Myths and Legends about Rome's Origins

We will begin with the stories generally accepted as myth or legend.

Unit 2 - Foundation Truths

In this unit, we look at some of the truths behind the foundation myths and legends examined in Unit 1, and the various assemblies and magisterial positions.

Unit 3 - Development and Expansion

We look at the history and development of the Roman Republic from around 500BC to approximately 150BC.

Unit 4 - A Century of Mobs, Civil Wars and Dictatorships (150bc-44bc)

We will examine the supreme position of the Dictator, the career of Gaius Marius, Sulla and Julius Caesar.

Unit 5 - Augustus Caesar

This unit looks at the aftermath of the murder of Julius Caesar and his successor Octavian.

Unit 6 - The Development and Decline of the Western Empire

We very briefly outline the history of the emperors who succeeded Augustus in Rome, the empire ruled by Rome and the decline and fall of Rome.

Unit 7 - Social Structure and Life in the City of Rome

We focus on Roman social life, the population explosion and how that affected water supply, sanitation and private housing.

Unit 8 - Development of the Empire

We look again at some aspects of the Empire's development, including the rise of the Imperial Civil Service and the role played by the Army and the Navy.

Unit 9 - The Romans In Britain

We will examine the Roman invasion of Britain and its effects upon life in the country over the following 350 years.

Unit 10 - The Roman Heritage

This short unit serves as a summary and conclusion to the course.