Course Summary

History of Espionage 2

In this topic we look at the Coral Sea Battle putting an end to Japanese plans to capture Port Moresby by sea


Introduces the two parts of the Shadow World of South West Pacific Command (SWPA), Central Bureau (CB), the command center of SIGINT, decrypting and analysis, and Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB) the command center for all covert groups. The Battle of Midway will also be covered, as well as L.B. Johnson’s first and unusual visit to Australia.

This topic begins in the middle of 1942 and covers a six-month period during which Allied forces began to turn the Pacific War back against Japan. The danger of invasion of Australia had passed but northern parts of our country were still subjected to air attacks from Japanese air forces in Rabaul.

Now we will see the tide turning against the Japanese at Buna, Gona and Milne Bay, where two VCs were won on Australian soil


More fighting in the Pacific and some delaying and confusing messages.  The Hay and Cowra internment camps.

Dangers involved in  secret missions

Townsville, staging point for the war in the Pacific and more WWII.  Moving to the war in the Philippines

This topic covers the surrenders and some of the secrets of SIGINT.

Last topic brought us to the end of the Pacific War.  Did someone say Peace?

I’m afraid not, because this is now the Nuclear Age where "Trust"  is not a word in the dictionary of leaders of the world’s nations.

This topic completes the review of Australian Security Services and moves on to the rest of the Anglo Intelligence Club.