Course Summary

History of Espionage 3

Mobile Phones and Terrorists

This part moves us into more modern spying

The Cold War Years

Infiltration of the English Political Scene by the Russians

More Cold War

Russian spies, IRA Insurgents and many other spies.

Cold War moves to Korea

This topic includes some detail of the election and powers of a U.S President, how CIA covert activities began operating in Europe as the Cold War started, and the Cold War becoming Hot in Korea.

 CIA Operations nearby

This topic will begin to explore the various CIA covert operations in nearby countries.

Countries changing ownership

US involvement in other nations as well as involvement by other larger – Britain, France, Holland, Russia - have also engaged in covert activities against countries that got in the way of their plans, be it colonialism or testing of atomic weapons.

Singapore, Malaya and The Philippines

This topic continues those stories and also includes more of our Northern neighbours – Singapore, Malaya and the Philippines

WW2 and beyond

Asia and the Petrov Affair

Bomb Blasts etc

Testing of Bombs of various sizes and types.  Spying sites. Greenpeace Death

The Whitlam Government,   Balibo Five etc.

Whitlam Government,  The Balibo Five etc.