Course Summary

History of Espionage 4

A brief history of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  The influences of France, Britain the USA and Australia, and their various Political Agendas.

We look to the Middle East name changes and various religious allegiances and affiliations

Ottoman Empire and Crimean War, Countries gaining Independence. Middle East 1914 to 1949.  Jews Search for Homeland, even consider Australia.  Peel commission.  Iran and Iraq seething with rebellious plots and schemes.

Middle East 1948 – 1973.  Arab-Israel War still not settled

1974 - now and some Bondish activities. Including the Lockerby disaster

Lebanon - Terrorist attacks - Gulf War

Russia, some more bugs, and, the fall of the Russian Empire

Afghanistan - the country, the politics and the poppies

India, Pakistan, China, Arms and Drugs, Foreign agents in Australia and US.

Early history and objectives of Terrorism, Is the world any safer now that changes have been made, and bin Laden and some other senior staff dead?