Course Summary

Domestic History

History of Houses

An overview of the early history of human shelters

Heating and Lighting

The ability to light and heat dwellings enabled humans to improve their lives and 'lengthen' the day

The Kitchen

From the outdoor campfire, to indoor hearth to the most important room in the home

The Dining Room

Once only found in manor houses and castles, now the separate dining room is common in most homes

The Drawing Room

Originally a reception room in grand houses, now the 'lounge' room for relaxation and entertaining

The Bedroom

From a warm place on the ground to private rooms for each household member and an extra for visitors

The Bathroom

This innovation led to improved public health and changes to day to day life

The Nursery and Laundry

Changes in care of infants and toddlers
Laundry -  from drudgery to modern labour saving equipment