Course Summary

Understanding Superannuation in Zoom and Managing Superannuation Investments
  1. Why understand your superannuation?
    1. This course content
    2. First or second biggest lifetime investment
    3. How pensions are provided in Australia: The history and overview

The way superannuation works

  1. Australia’s superannuation industry and global comparisons
  2. The legislative framework
  3. Trusteeship in all types of superannuation funds: which are you in?

3. Superannuation Industry

  1. The Industry: retail and industry funds, self-managed super funds (DIY and managed for you), etc.
  2. Fund administration: their business model and categories of products
  3. How your super fund works to save your money and deliver your pension
  1. The two stages of your superannuation and the rules
    1. Contributing and accumulating
    2. Pension drawdown
  1. Superannuation retirement income streams
    1. Defined benefit pensions e.g. CSS/ PSS/ Defence/etc
    2. Defined contribution pensions: Industry Funds, Retail Funds, SMSFs, Annuities, etc.
  1. Basic investment principles and risk/returns. Your risk profile.
    1. How is your money invested?  What are the risks and returns of each category? Capital preservation.
    2. What returns can you expect?  The power of compounding. Life cycle investment e.g. MySuper
    3. What categories of investments should you consider and when?
  1. Talking to your financial advisor
    1. Their obligations to you. Risk and responsibility. FOFA reforms. Recommendations of Royal Commission.
    2. Planning to talk to your financial advisor and

                                                  i.      The things you need to do with your super this year and next to get the most out of your savings

  1. Taxation of fund income and benefits
    1. Superannuation as a tax effective way of saving
    2. The intersection of superannuation and Age Pension (person from Centrelink, if possible)
  1. Planning to use your pension
    1. Superannuation monies taxation: contributing, accumulating, moving to pension and pension/drawdown
    2. How long will you live? How much do you need now and then?
    3. Your bucket list and budget
  1. Your will and your superannuation (lawyer)
    1. Your Will and your superannuation. 
    2. Binding Death Benefit Nomination in your Superannuation Fund