Course Summary

Autobiography and Journalling - Course Leader

Week 1: Beginnings

How to get the greatest benefit from the course; why use a journalling basis; types of autobiography and first prompts.

Week 2: Hurdle Jumping And Creativity

Overcoming the internal censor and stimulating your creativity.

Week 3: Stepping Stones

Drawing your timeline; writing in 'stepping stones periods' and deciding whether to use a chronological or thematic approach in your work.

Week 4: Memory Joggers

Techniques for capturing memories.

Week 5: Dark Times & Healing

Dealing with the dark side of life; considerations regarding other people's privacy; journalling as a healing tool and the bright light of meaning.

Week 6: Adding Depth And Colour To Your Life Story Part I

Adding the details which make people in your story three dimensional.

Week 7: Adding Depth And Colour To Your Life Story Part II

Writing using all the senses to make your descriptions come alive.

Week 8: Final Words

Organising your work; writing simply and publishing and research resources online.