Course Summary

Genealogy Online - Course Leader

Topic 1 - Getting Started

What is genealogy? What sources of information are there? Where to start. Original and secondary records.

Topic 2 - Basic Information: Birth, Marriage And Death Records

Australia, U.K. and elsewhere.

Topic 3 - Census And Other Records

Australia, U.K. and elsewhere. Cemeteries, Parish Registers, immigration, convicts and local history.

Topic 4 - Special Data Collections

Cyndi's List, religious, regional, look-up exchanges, military, telephone books etc.

Topic 5 - Finding Females In U.K. Databases

Find a spouse or a daughter's husband.

Topic 6 - Parish Records In Australia And Scotland

Researching periods prior to civil registration.

Topic 7 - Recording Your Genealogy

Genealogy software reviewed. Using Legacy Family Tree. Preserving documents.

Topic 8 - Publishing And Sharing Your Information

On CD/DVD; printing charts of family trees; Writing Family History; publishing a book; create a website; standards for sharing information.