Course Summary

Genealogy Online

 Getting Started

What is genealogy? What sources of information are there? Where to start. Original and secondary records. This course shows you how to go about your search and lists the free websites where you can find the information you need.

Basic Information: Birth, Marriage And Death Records

Australia, U.K. and elsewhere.

Census And Other Records

Australia, U.K. and elsewhere. Cemeteries, Parish Registers, immigration, convicts and local history.

Special Data Collections

Cyndi's List, religious, regional, look-up exchanges, military, telephone books etc.

Finding Females In U.k. Databases

Find a spouse or a daughter's husband.

Parish Records In Australia And Scotland

Researching periods prior to civil registration.

Recording Your Genealogy

Genealogy software reviewed. Using Legacy Family Tree. Preserving documents.

Publishing And Sharing Your Information

On CD/DVD; printing charts of family trees; Writing Family History; publishing a book; create a website; standards for sharing information.