Course Summary

Kings and Queens of England

Unit 1 - Prologue

The early concept of kingship. The Anglo-Saxon invasions of Britain and the rise of some major kingdoms.  

Unit 2 - The Saxon and Danish Kings

Review of the Saxon rulers of the House of Wessex.  And the Danish line that temporarily interrupted the rule of the Wessex kings.

Unit 3 - The Norman Line

The history of England through the reigns of five monarchs beginning with more than twenty years when The Conqueror ruled and when great changes were wrought.

Unit 4 - The Angevin Plantagenets

Examination of the eight kings of the original line of the Plantagenet family, from Henry II to Richard II.

Unit 5 - The Wars of the Roses

Examination of the next six kings of England - three Lancastrians and three Yorkists

Unit 6 - The Tudors

Six monarchs ruled England during the Tudor period, the last three of whom were women

Unit 7 - The Stuarts and the Commonwealth

The period encompassing six reigns and an interregnum - a unique period in British history

Unit 8 - The House of Hanover

An examination of the reigns of the first four Georges, William IV and Victoria

Unit 9 - the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the House of Windsor

Unit 10 - The Children And Grand-children Of Elizabeth Ii

A brief look at the next generations