What Others Say

about U3A Online

  • I am the primary carer for my frail mother who at nearly 100 needs full time care now. Being able to access a service like this is one way to feel less isolated from the world outside. I am indeed much blessed.

  • I'll go as far as to say that being totally absorbed in my most recent online course has saved my sanity this year.

  • I feel as though I belong to something to keep my mind off my pain, also helps keep my brain working.

  • I am partially blind with limited short sight. I am extremely grateful to u3a as I now have an interest at home - am happy working on my own and life has again a meaning.

  • I care for my wife who has Alzheimers. Have done so for the last 8 years.

  • I am a self-funded retiree caring for my wife with [dementia]. Because of her condition I am with her constantly and generally confined to home.

  • I am deaf - communicating online is wonderful for me. I am sure that is true for other people with disabilities of many kinds.

  • I have to devote a lot of my time to looking after my wife who will be 90 years of age in November. I enjoyed being able to work at my own speed and time.

  • Nowadays, living alone and physically limited, I was being stupefied by knitting, crochet, patchwork, computer puzzles and occasional bus trips. There is a limit.

  • I have made contact with some great people in other parts of Australia, people I would never have met had I not been online. Knowing that there are others out there who are interested in learning about the same subject as myself and sharing information is great. The subject matter in each course that I have participated in has been fascinating, as have the different websites that we have been recommended to use.

  • When I eventually retired I discovered U3A Online which seemed an excellent way of keeping the mind active. I have found it is a lot more. Each unit I have undertaken has pointed me in so many different directions with their links to related URLs. They have also brought me into virtual contact with a whole range of different people so that I now have contacts across the globe and literally in my own suburb.

  • I enjoy the feeling of learning and being a part of a group. It's like meeting old friends when familiar names crop up in other courses. The discussion forum is interesting even though comments do not always respond to the points others have made. I am really enjoying ongoing contact with one participant.

  • I missed people who did not respond for a couple of weeks, and when they returned with explanations about where they had been or what had happened to them, it was like greeting old friends again.

  • I have found the three courses that I have untaken to be very rewarding. The information has been presented beautifully. Congratulations to all those who worked so had behind the scenes. As a novice computer operator I have found access technically friendly. A huge plus. The content of courses has been excellent and the tutors very approachable.

  • I thoroughly enjoy being part of an on-line group sharing a similar interest. It is especially good when participants keep in contact after the course is finished.

  • I like to hear of other people who are doing the course and through it have made e-mail contact with people all over the world. This helps to keep me busy.

  • Introduction to Western Philosophy

    Being involved in forum discussions with fellow students was a hugely positive experience.  I usually felt rushed to complete discussion submissions before I had really given the subject the attention it deserved. Some of the areas covered are very challenging in terms of personal beliefs etc.  and more time to think and reflect and explore new ideas could only be good.