What Others Say


  • The course was comprehensive and each topic could have been a course by themselves. it stimulated thought. I did the course in isolation and would have benefited from other student input, however, I did note that there was not a lot of input from other earlier students. The amount of information was almost overwhelming.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the research it encouraged - didn’t want it to end - will continue some reading now course finished.

  • I guess this topic was more knowledge focused than the other courses I completed. Two topics I enjoyed the most were The Creation Myths and the Australian Dreamtime Myths. The last exercise was helpful. I now have all the information which I can refer to in the future.

  • It gave me a greater understanding of the attitude to life of our ancestors. I may be the university’s oldest student - 87 years old. I have a few difficulties with the technology in some instances.

  • I enjoyed this course, visiting areas learned about in grammar school in England. Also picking up on new ideas of areas that were unknown, and getting other peoples take on all legends studied after a gap of 65 years. It is always good to revisit areas of your past.

  • Course was excellent as was Mary’s support. Unfortunately the others didn’t participate in the discussion forum but Mary’s terrific responses made up for the lack. Very supportive and encouraging. a terrific course to do. Thanks.