What Others Say


  • I would like to thank everyone that is involved with U3A Online for putting the courses on. As someone forced into early retirement and who lives a fairly isolated life being able to access these courses online has been fantastic. I enrolled in 3 courses and made the decision to do one at a time. This first course has been such a wonderful thing to do while transitioning to my new lifestyle. It has challenged me on many levels and pushed me to take risks to attempt following some of my dreams.

  • I felt that the course was set outside my level of knowledge / lifeskills and creative experience (62 years young). I struggled to come to terms with it and even went back over it to grasp something from it. I was put off by the need to sign up everywhere on the net wasteful.

  • Course was very informative and was very different to what I expected - although I am not sure how I thought it would be. I enjoyed the course very much and the Tutor was very helpful, involved and quick with her responses and suggestions. It has given me a lot of information on how I need to go about achieving my goal and also the inspiration - the rest is up to me.

  • A very interesting and stimulating course with very useful links to other sites. I enjoyed this course very much. The interaction with the tutor and other course members was particularly valuable. It was fascinating to learn a little about the creative interests and activities of people working in different fields to my own. Thank you for providing the course.

  • Thanks, I enjoyed opening up to my creativity interesting that when I started looking into my own creativity I found a dearth of information and help just kind of flowed to me

  • Very enjoyable course; inspiring and motivating.

  • The course has been useful to ignite creativity in times of low creativity also to help spur the brain into activity after a medical event through encouragement to begin painting again. This had the effect of healing small gaps and regaining what I had lost. This material will be re-read often.

  • Unleashing Your Creative Spirit

    really enjoyed the informal approach and the many links offered