What Others Say


  • Most Interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed. Not to heavy or difficult to follow. The links are there to investigate further if one so desires to pry deeper into the lives and deeds of previous royal families.

  • I loved every moment of this course. I learnt a lot about myself and that I was able to write stories. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. I think also that the humour and relationship with the Tutor and the other students made it so enjoyable it is fun.

  • What I really enjoyed were the links to various internet sites to further learn about the subject matter. This has been a most interesting course worked through over a longer period than I anticipated due to family circumstances. Really appreciate it was a self paced course.

  • I learnt a wellrounded history  of the Monarchs, as well as filling in the blank spaces in my knowledge. I did so much enjoy the writer’s personal comments and views. it was a well-written and documented course.