What Others Say


  • This course has taken ages to complete because of family and business demands. However it has helped me in my 33 year long quest for my tribe. While much of the course was easy for an old stager like me, it is, and will be excellent for those in their formative family search years. For a subject that is basically about dead people, the dynamics of information sources change with breathtaking speed. At a recent Genealogy Expo I attended, 3 significant sources of data changed dramatically during the 2 day event. Happy Trails.

  • For me the course corrected a couple of my thoughts, but generally, it was encouraging that I was on the right track with my research. Of necessity, my research time is sporadic so I tend to lose track of things. The course was good refreshment.

  • Thank you for providing an interesting course, Genealogy Online. You suggested early in the course that I may have been a little too advanced for it. In some respects that is true but the course increased my knowledge of where to look for information, places that I wouldn\\'t have thought of looking. For example: I followed up your recommendations for overseas/link newspapers. I am also grateful for your pointers towards electronic publications and also to the course, Writing Family History. My database programme is The Master Genealogist; while it is great for keeping records, its Report formats and others similar that I have accessed, were not what I wanted. I had a little store of family anecdotes that I wanted to be passed on in our family; Writing Family History will let me do that.

  • Thanks very much for the course. I have enjoyed it immensely. I just wish I had more time to get into it but that will come. I have bought a copy of Legacy - got a good deal on EBay. I have not yet joined Ancestry but will do so later. I really wanted to find out where my family came from to Australia and although there is some problems finding out the origins of my grandmother - I am sure I will get what I want with some persistence. All seem to have come from the UK and Ireland. I was watching Time Team the other night and suddenly realised that I was connected to those people and places they are digging up! Genealogy certainly adds a new dimension to one’s life. Even though I am somewhat restricted by family responsibilities I am thinking it would be great to visit the places they came from. Or I can use the internet to get some idea of the history of the area at the time. Ted, your course has opened a whole new world for me and it is the first time since my husband’s death 8 years ago that I have got excited about anything much. It seemed that with his death someone had turned off the lights for a long time. Anyway, all the best with your searching and your life. It has been a pleasure to know you through this course.

  • The course is an excellent starter and refresher for anyone interested in genealogy.

  • I found the topics quite interesting and informative, certainly will provide ideal reference material long after the course has finished.

  • The course achieved its objectives and was just right, the Internet links were very helpful, the course gave value for money and I would undertake another course with U3A Online. I took this course in the Independent Study mode, so I had no contact with the tutor or other students on the Discussion Board and therefore cannot score any of these items. The links to Australian sites was very useful to someone from the UK.

  • I downloaded all the U3A course material and am still going through it at my leisure. I felt that $20 was good value for all the information I’ve collected.

  • Ted was very helpful if we had any problems and was always willing to assist in sorting it out. He was very good at trying to locate people the students had trouble finding on overseas censuses or the like.

  • Even though I did not contact the Course Leader for help, the Topic Papers I printed off were very informative and set me on the right path so I say thanks to Ted for his knowledge. U3A Online has been a great learning tool and has put me in touch with so many people here and in UK with the same interests as me, looking forward to joining another class.

  • I have made some valuable internet connections and the course spurred me on to re-commencing my family history - I am now writing it.

  • Much appreciated, the course has activated the search I have wanted to do and I look forward to the outcomes. Thanks for all the information contained in the course.

  • I did feel rather 'on my own', but I think that Genealogy would be a difficult subject to connect learners, each person is researching something different.

  • Very detailed and interesting. Results only limited by one's determination and time spent.

  • I was very pleased with the course. The fact that it was online allowed me to study at any time of the day (or night).

  • Very much appreciated. Have been dabbling in genealogy for many years without a great deal of success. Can now approach future research with greater confidence.

  • I really enjoyed the course it saved me a lot of computer miles. I will continue on with my family tree well into the future.

  • The course was interesting, well organized and very helpful. I learned a lot from it.

  • I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of information given (websites), but will enjoy investigating these in my own time in the future.

  • I found the course very interesting-it will take me a lot longer to properly utilise all the information given but feel the course has saved me many frustrating hours of searching. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • I had already started doing my family history on a big ancestry website. This course showed me that what I was doing was right, as well as giving me tips and pointers to other lines of enquiry. So it gave me confidence to continue. Now I know where to look to go further, to record research, contacts, and how to publish what I've got so other family members can see their family history as well. This is the 3rd U3a online course I've done, and have signed up for 2 more. Great value, and just the right level for a reasonably educated person, who wants to learn online.