What Others Say


  • I do not think this course is too demanding, in fact it is really well presented, easy to follow and has excellent content. This is my first U3A Online course and I would not hesitate to do another, if they are all as well prepared as this one. I\\'ve done several accredited courses via University of Canberra and Swinbourne and this course is up there with any of the others.

  • Informative and helpful course.

  • In 1963 I married a man whom I assumed was just poorly educated. He did bush work and preferred to work alone. Those days life was simple but over time I discovered that he was severely dyslectic in whatever he did. He became very dependent on me which has caused enormous stress in my life. After searching for answers all these years, this course and the book "Hidden Victims: Hidden healers" has helped enormously by answering a lot of the questions I had and understanding better communication in our relationship.

  • Although not as isolated as some, ( 60 kilometres from town) I have found it almost impossible to commit to any courses which require regular attendance. I was therefore delighted to be able to learn through U3A Online and the Internet. I have enjoyed the course and will definitely do more. Thank you to all.

  • I really chose this course out of interest only so it was a surprise to be asked at the outset what my goal for the course was. However, stating a goal kept me focused throughout.

  • This subject is not something you ‘learn’ once, but remains an ongoing process of evaluation. That is why the written part of the course is such a valuable reference. I will use it often.

  • I found this an excellent, well written and well presented, informative course. It was easy to read and understand. This is not a light-hearted topic and at times it requires full concentration and serious self-assessment.

  • The course was very informative, and gave me many insights into dealing with other people. Trying to understand human nature is a particular interest of mine, and this course was very relevant.

  • I found the course particularly useful as I had been suffering from depression and had been seeing a psychologist. It helped me to express my thoughts and feelings through better means of communication and though it is difficult to break bad habits I keep referring back to my notes.

  • The course kept me busy and thinking for it’s duration which is what I intended it to do. I was not expecting miraculous revelations or a cure for the difficulties I experience from time to time within my partnership, more a recognition of their existence generally speaking, what triggers my own intolerance of certain behaviour and how some of my own reactions do not help! 

  • Wow, what an eye opener this course was. It helped me understand myself and those around me so much better. I would recommend this course to anybody who feels sad, lonely or just a little confused with their place in the world. To all those involved in producing this course; thank you.