What Others Say


  • The content of the course was just the amount of information I needed to give me a good grounding in Astronomy and the links gave me a good place to go to feed me good information to carry on star gazing. Thank you

  • Photos were excellent and activities in Unit 2 fascinating. I find interacting with learning material helps me master new ideas.

  • I found the course interesting and confirmed a lot of knowledge, in a more formal way, that I already have developed over quite a few years. The course itself was quite good and I enjoyed it. I hope to undertake The Night Sky course next.

  • I particularly liked the short tables of vital statistics of the planetary bodies and I intend to combine them all in one large comprehensive table which will be most useful to me. I was able to fit this course into my life very easily by self pacing.

  • This was an excellent basic introductory course giving a sound overall view of the subject in a reasonable length and pitched at an acceptable standard. As such, it provides a platform for further in-depth study of those aspects that I wish to explore more fully.

  • I have enjoyed the U3A Astronomy course very much and I would like to thank Win Howard for his great effort in producing it.

  • The Astronomy course was interesting and well put together and led to much further study. The extensive provision of links to related material was very helpful.

  • Great, concise information. Some information was a bit technical and difficult at times, but I expected that given the nature of the topic.

  • This was a course lead by me with downloaded notes over an 8 week period with a U3A Online Site Licence. Very well written, illustrated and referenced. Language easy to follow and pitched just right for U3A students. Thank you.

  • The course is interesting and I did enjoy it. The notes were written clearly, with beautiful photos.

  • I have studied a lot of books and magazines on astronomy but none of them are as clear as this course in the how to do it parts.

  • Astronomy was way above my head. However, this did not stop me from enjoying it.

  • Interesting although a bit beyond my comprehension.